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About Shreya Unbound 2021

Every year  summit or a convention is organized by the Shreya team. It has organized 3 very effective events prior to this which marked a very strong mark in the history of Women Empowerment through ICT in Bangladesh. Shreya Unbound 2021 was organized to put an emphasis on making the cyberspace safe for women, discuss about SDG 5: Gender Equality and give everyone a fresh breath of air amidst the grim time of the pandemic though with a live musical performance by Tahsan - one of the biggest celebrities in Bangladesh. The event had 7 sessions (4 sessions, 2 panel discussions, 1 session with leading female personalities) with key figures hailing sectors including Government, UN agencies, Business Organizations and Media. This event was attended by 350 guests along with a virtual presentation which reached all the 45,000 members of Shreya.

Main Guests




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