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To celebrate our lifestyle and uplift the small to medium scale entrepreneurs, a two day expo entitled Shreya Rave 2022 is going to be organized on 9-10th September 2022 in Sheraton Dhaka. Organized by country’s leading women led organization Shreya BD, the expo is free for everyone to visit.

The expo will have 3 core segments: An exhibition by over 100 brands in different categories, over 10 entertainment scores and a Gala Dinner including a soulful cultural experience. The expo will have many business coaching and grooming sessions to enhance the capacities of the MSMEs. Alongside this, country’s top artists including Habib Wahid, Fahim Hossain Chowdhury and Warda Rihab, will be performing in the Gala Dinner whilst others including DJ AKS, Amid Hossain Chowdhury will entertain the crowd on 9th September. The expo will also be celebrating the 5th Foundation Year of Shreya BD.

Shreya Rave 2022 is presented by Daraz, co presented by Nestle Bangladesh, powered by Katalia anad  co powered by Ciano. La Mano Derma and Laser Medical is the beauty and aesthetics partner, Horlicks Women’s Plus is the nutrition partner, Uzmah by Antara is the Shreya Supreme Sponsor, Tanvir Ali Photography is the photography partner, Parcelmagic is the delivery partner and Concito is the PR partner of this expo. Also Vaseline & Ahmed Food Products Pvt Ltd. are the gift partners.

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