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Shreya offers tailormade business activities for different brands and business entities. The core idea of these services are to uplift the brand awareness of the businesses, upscale sales and create an increased number of followers for the respective organizations. Over the past 4 years of operation, Shreya has provided it's business services to over 200 brands. A detailed list of brands that we are associated with can be found in the Collabs & Partnerships Page.

Shreya works with businesses and brands regardless their size and business operations. From small scale home crafted F-Commerce driven initiatives to established brands, Shreya works to establish an enabling environment for the business development for all; especially during the pandemic situation. According to a market research conducted by one of the top marketing agencies of the country ADA, the ROI of Shreya is over 6%, topping the other communities of the country.

Shreya provides these business services in many modalities. Starting from Facebook Lives to Product Promotion through PR Packages, the team does a range of activities that suits for the respective businesses. The businesses services are described in details in the Services Page.

Aside from the regular business activities, Shreya is keen to uplift the state of promising female entrepreneurs. Shreya features 10 aspiring female entrepreneurs every month and promotes their services and products. Furthermore, Shreya offers trainings and workshops for aspiring entrepreneurs in kind.

Shreya is open for business.

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