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Who We Are

Shreya is an online community Fronted by women, for women, establishing gender rights and ensuring sustainability.

What We Do

Shreya by Sanzida Chowdhury Swarna has marked its success in different spheres of both online and offline platforms. It is an effective community, primarily operating through a Facebook group, which has played a pivotal role in eradicating gender barriers, created a space for women entrepreneurship, mutual cooperation ensuring healthy and happy lives. It has facilitated countless lives through community activism, mutual support and business creation and promotion.

Currently Shreya operates through:

1. Shreya Facebook Group: 45K Members

2. Shreya Facebook Page: 16K Likes

Shreya is not a Facebook Group only, but a closely integrated community. The members of Shreya are driven by the need of mutual cooperation and support.

Shreya is engaged in attained 3 SDGs:

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