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Single promotional posts on its own are published as well to predict client response. This is for page owners who wants to start with a trial.

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5. Co Branded Campaigns

If you have an ongoing promotional campaign you want to promote on Shreya, we can arrange a package (i.e. 2 live, 2 posts) deal for you so that it’s a win win situation for both. Our package pricing will be depending on your requirements.

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1. PR Packages

You can send us a PR to our designated address. If the PR needs an urgent posting (within a few weeks), there will be additional charge. If it’s a token of love for the admin who will review if SHE LIKES IT and whenever she uses it, there is no charge taken. For that, you need to be patient.

2. Yearly Collaboration

Option 1: 

Deliverables: One promotional post each month by the admin on Shreya with your product pictures and page / group links.

Total number of promotional post per year: 12

Option 2:

Deliverables: 1 promotional post from admin and 3 promotional posts from page owners each month on Shreya. With pictures and links.

Total number of promotional posts per year: 48

3. Facebook Live Sessions

The founder of Shreya, Sanzida Chowdhury Swarna hosts live sessions in Facebook and any other channel as per the requirement of the client. The live sessions create direct impact on the consumers minds and generates substantial amount of sales or business leads. The average number of eyeballs in these live sessions range from 1000-5000.


The duration of the live sessions might vary from 20-50 minutes depending on the crowd and engagement. And maximum product to be shown in any live will be 15-20 products per live.

4. Single Promotional Post

For price card, please contact in our Facebook Page or Email us.

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