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Message from the Founder

When I started the group, I added only 80 female members from my surroundings which is now a community of almost 45,000 women. All the profiles are thoroughly screened and checked before getting approval to enter the group. This is done to maintain the group hygiene and a certain standard, so that everyone feels safe before sharing anything from their daily life.

If we talk about the activities - we cover it all; starting from lifestyle queries to seeking gynaecologist to donating blood to sharing personal struggles. It is a closed group consisting of only female members so everyone has a safe platform to share every bits and pieces from their everyday lives. We discuss about beauty, fashion, feminine health, education, politics, mental health, wealth management and everything else related to a woman. Another remarkable activity is uplifting promising entrepreneurs who are expanding the Facebook commerce with their small medium enterprises. Since Shreya has a large number of both customers and sellers, it has become more like a marketplace. And I, being the admin and a social media influencer - help them to market their products and services by various promotional communications. This is helping many women to be financially independent and contribute to their families.

Lastly, I believe this is just the beginning and we have a long way to go. I have a vision to turn this community into an international organisation that will be solely by women, for women. We have already worked with organisations like UNFPA, BRAC and we look forward to many more. I hope Shreya achieves all the dreams it has been seeing with all the support and love from women all around the world.

Sanzida Chowdhury Swarna

Founder, Shreya

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Shreya in a Bengali word; which means - a lady who excels in every sector of her life. When I first thought about building a community focusing on empowering women, this name instantly popped in my mind as I wanted every member to feel this way whoever will be a part of the community. The thought of women empowerment was in my mind eversince I was a child and saw my mother working in the United Nations. She is my biggest inspiration behind this idea and my idol who has been guiding me from the beginning.

The idea of forming the group on Facebook came when I saw other female centric groups based in Bangladesh. But I had my own visions. I knew how vast could be the utilisation of such a community and so I started working on it vigorously. It was created back in March 2017 and today this is one of the most popular female communities existing in home and country based on Bangladeshi women. Needless to say, we have international members as well.

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