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Basic Guidelines – Shreya Eid Regale 2022

1.      Stalls are allocated on first-come-first-serve basis. The exhibitors who have paid the full rent is given priority. Any discrepancy occurred will be mitigated by Team Shreya. Team Shreya’s decision will be considered as absolute.

2.      Team Shreya will provide 1 table and 2 chairs each half stall. Requirement of extra chairs should be discussed with Team Shreya before the event starts. One exhibitor can avail 1 extra chair each day.

3.      The half stall exhibitors will be tagged with sharing partners based on Team Shreya’s listing. Change of stall partners will not be possible.

4.      All the exhibitors have the privilege to design their stalls as per their will, maintaining the code issued by the venue authority.

5.      All the structures should be made in the venue basement as instructed by the venue authority.

6.      Stall owners can not use any glue, scotch tape or any other adhesive on the hall walls. Backdrops can be printed and hung on frames.

7.      Any damage occurred by any of the exhibitors in the venue premises should be met by the exhibitors. Team Shreya will not be responsible.

8.      No extra space consumption will be allowed, meaning the exhibitors have to utilize the space allocated for them fully.

9.      Half stall owners must maintain a sound relationship between themselves and the tagged exhibitors. Any issue occurred should be dealt with full professionalism.

10.  Half stall owners must maintain the space allocated for them. Extra space consumption is strictly prohibited.

11.  Every exhibitor must bring 1 multiplugs each for power points.

12.  Stall owners should bring their own table covers if they intend to.

13.  Stall owners are allowed to bring the following in their stalls:

a.      Hangers

b.      Mannequins

c.      Decorative boards

d.      Decorative elements

e.      Backdrops (Must maintain the dimensions within the stall space)

f.       X-banners (Can not consume extra space/walkways)


14.  Stall owners can distribute cards, promotional and branding items, brochures etc.

15.  Facebook lives will be scheduled by Team Shreya. Each live will be conducted by BRs assigned by the Shreya Team.

16.  Exhibitors can conduct their own social media lives, bring photographers, conduct different sessions within their stalls.

17.  Mehedi stall owners must bring their own mehedi.

18.  Stall owners can buy Iftar boxes from the venue. The cost for each Iftar Box is BDT 1000/-.

19.  Food from outside is prohibited.


All the stall setup must be completed by 10am, 28th April 2022.


The stall owners must maintain harmony, cleanliness and overall festivity in the event.


Team Shreya owns the right to enforce or change any decision.

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